Housing Program

Housing Resource Center

  • Advice on home improvement loans
  • Free construction consultations
  • Housing Information

Aging in Place for Seniors 55 or Older

Learn more on the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation website.

Single Family Home Loans

Obtain a loan to make your home more energy efficient. Apply for Home Improvement Loan

Deferred Loans

Apply for Ramsey County Deferred Loan for basic home repairs Learn more on the Ramsey County website.

Multi-Family Property Loans

Get financing for rehabilitation of your rental property and make improvements to your condominium building. Learn more on the Minnesota Housing website.

Avoiding Foreclosure

  • Do you have trouble making your mortgage payments?
  • Have your monthly payments increased?
  • Do you have questions about changes to your loan?
  • Have you been foreclosed on and want to buy a home?
Learn more at Minnesota Homeownership Center website or watch the Video Workshop.

Energy Efficiency & Remodeling