Rain Barrels

Have you visited the Maplewood Mall lately? Have you noticed the giant metal tub sitting next to the east entrance? That large container is a massive example of an idea that has been around since ancient times, the rain barrel. Your grandparents may have washed their hair in water collected in a rain barrel.

What is a rain barrel?
A rain barrel is a container used to collect and store rooftop runoff. Home versions collect 50-100 gallons, and may be connected in a chain to increase storage. Captured rain water can then be used to water lawn and gardens.

What are the benefits of a rain barrel?
Rain barrels offer 2 complementary benefits. They capture rainwater, reducing the potential for pollution and flooding. They also reduce the use of drinking water to keep landscaping healthy, which helps keep the household budget healthy! Many styles of rain barrels are available in stores and online.