2018 Election Update

The City of North St. Paul will have three city offices on the ballot this year.  Mayor Kuehn, Council member Furlong and Council member Petersen's term will expire at the end of the year. The City of North St. Paul does not hold a city primary election, only a city general election.

Absentee Balloting

The application process to receive an absentee ballot in the mail will be the same as the 2016 election.  However, the City of North St. Paul will not accept sealed absentee ballots here at City Hall.  There is a major change, however, for “in person” absentee voting. Ramsey County now handles this for the City of North St. Paul, and there will not be “in person” early voting taking place at the North St. Paul City Hall.  Instead, there will be eleven county operated remote early voting locations for the state primary and the state general election.  The locations closest to North St Paul will include the Maplewood, White Bear Lake and Shoreview libraries and the Arlington Hills Community Center in St Paul. For the general election, the County Public Works building in Arden Hills will be open for voting for the entire 46 day absentee voting period. 

City Elected Positions - Terms of Office

North St. Paul’s elected governing body is composed of the Mayor and four City Council members all of which hold staggering 4-year terms. City elections in North St. Paul are held in November of even-numbered years, coinciding with the State and Federal elections. General elections for Federal, State, County and School District offices are also held in November of even-numbered years. Primary elections for national, state and county offices are held in August of even-numbered years.