SafeHaven Program

Make Your Home a SafeHaven

Do you have fire safety concerns in your home? Do you have smoke alarms? When was the last time you replaced your smoke alarms? What is your escape plan in the event of a fire? If you have questions like these, then you should consider applying for SafeHaven.

Who is Eligible

SafeHaven is a free program offered by the North St. Paul Fire Department and partners with American Red Cross. All owner occupied dwellings within the City of North St. Paul are eligible!

About the Program

Participants of SafeHaven will have a safety inspection conducted by members of the North St. Paul Fire Department who will provide guidance on home evacuation plans, test and (if necessary) replace smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and give some general fire safety tips. They will also install StoveTop Fire Stops. All services and products are given free of charge! For more information, view the Project SafeHaven Program Booklet.

Apply Now!

Fill out the Online SafeHaven Request Form  or download the SafeHaven Request Form (PDF) and mail to the North St. Paul Fire Department. A representative from the fire department will call you to set up a visit to your home.