Data Request

Pursuant to M.S. 13.03, subd. 2(a), the City of North St. Paul, upon receiving a completed Information Disclosure Request Form for data, shall respond to said request, and data will be made available in a reasonable amount of time. (Per the League of Minnesota Cities the City of North St. Paul may take two weeks from receipt of a request to complete an information disclosure request depending on the amount and type of the request). 

  • Written requests may be sent to the responsible authority via email, provided the actual form is completed and submitted.
  • No requests for information will be granted without the proper Information Disclosure form being completed.
  • There is no fee for the requestor to view the data; however, there is a nominal fee for copies requested. If a verbal request for data is received, only the data immediately available will be provided. 
  • If requested data is not available immediately a written request for data shall be provided. 
  • If the data to be examined is to be sold, and this shall occur on a repeat basis, then a schedule must be established in advance for the access.
  • Requests to review or copy non-public data must be in writing.
  • Data will only be made available if the requesting person is entitled to receive or review such data under State Law. 
  • This policy and the Information Disclosure Request Form is also available at City Hall.

Complete Your Data Request Online

Data Requests may be directed to:

Jennie Kloos - Deputy Clerk/Administration Department:
City of North St. Paul
 2400 Margaret Street North St. Paul, MN 55109.