Garbage Service Schedule

Your garbage and recycling pickup schedule is determined by your address. Please review the City map to determine your service day.


  • Addresses in the green zone are serviced on Tuesdays
    • All streets east of McKnight Road, both sides of 17th Ave. and all streets north of 17th Ave.
  • Address in the purple zone are serviced on Wednesdays
    • All streets bounded by Highway 36, both sides of South Ave. to Margaret St. (does not include Margaret St.), and east of Margaret St. to Division St.
  • Addresses in the yellow zone are serviced on Thursdays
    • All streets north of Highway 36, south of 17th Ave. and west of McKnight Road (including both sides of McKnight Road)
  • Addressed in the coral zone are service on Fridays
    • All streets south of South Ave., both sides of Margaret St. and Holloway Ave, and west of Mary Joe Lane, Ripley Ave, Meadow Dr. and Tierney Ave.
City garbage pickup schedule