Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Lining Update 12-27-22

The contractor is planning to be in Area 2 tomorrow (12/28) for cleaning the sanitary line along 10th Ave. There will be No Parking permitted in Area 2, shown approximately by the purple hatched areas in the upper map below.

They are then scheduled to be in Area 3 towards the end of this week (12/29 – 12/30) for cleaning the sanitary pipe along Charles St, near 8th Ave, and along Margaret St, near 7th Ave which is shown approximately by the red hatched areas in the bottom map below.

Next week they are scheduled to clean Area 4, and then Area 1. The order of cleaning operations has been adjusted to take advantage of less school traffic due to winter break.

As a friendly reminder, the map of each Area is labeled in this PDF.