McKnight Detour


Traffic control along McKnight Rd has been set up.  McKnight Rd will have these new lane assignments for the next few months.  

Please be aware that these updates are coming with the best information we have available and further updates will be sent as frequently as needed.  

Starting on Monday (4/17) the contractor will be digging pits to perform watermain improvements (scroll to the end for an informational section on how this works).  For these watermain operations, the contractor will be closing the WESTBOUND direction for traffic for the following streets on the east side of McKnight Rd:

  • 12th Ave
  • 13th Ave
  • 14th Ave
  • 15th Ave

These closures are shown in RED in the map below and are scheduled to last for TWO WEEKS.  Access will still be permitted for the EASTBOUND direction as shown by the PINK arrows below.  If you live on these streets, you will still be able to access your home from 3rd Street as shown in the bright BLUE boxes below.

Towards the middle of next week there’s likely to be further traffic updates.  

On the north end of the project, they will be setting up temporary water supply, which is scheduled to take ONE week and is shown by the PURPLE circle in both maps.  Those affected would be on temporary water for about a month.  

All of our work is dependent on the weather and our schedules may change.

Please share this information with your neighbors and encourage them to sign up for alerts from the City of North St. Paul at