Energy Cents Natural Gas Assistance

Xcel program may help low-income customers with natural gas costs

Paying energy bills, especially during the summer and winter can often stretch people's budgets to the limit. Xcel Energy offers free, energy-saving programs to Xcel Energy natural gas customers who meet certain income requirements. Based on your eligibility and individual needs, Xcel will provide customized solutions to help you save energy and money while living more comfortably.

Qualifying residents will work with Xcel's service providers, Energy CENTS Coalition and Sustainable Resources Center, Inc., to have an energy expert visit your home or apartment. They will conduct an inspection and provide suggestions for easy ways to make energy and cost-saving changes. They will help you determine if you qualify for additional free, energy-saving program offerings, like weatherization services and appliance replacement.

Xcel's free weatherization services for qualified Xcel Energy customers with natural gas include attic and/or wall insulation and air sealing to help keep cold drafts out and heat in.

If your major gas appliances are more than 10 years old, chances are they consume a great deal of energy and cost a lot more to run than newer, energy-efficient appliances. Based on your needs you may be eligible to have your natural gas furnace, boiler or water heater replaced.

To determine if you are eligible for this program contact the Metro East service provider: Energy CENTS Coalition at 651-774-9010.