Hometown Wind Power Program

About the Program

North St. Paul is one of 11 Minnesota cities to have a wind turbine to create clean, renewable electricity under the Hometown Wind Power program.

Hometown Wind Power is an initiative of the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) with member utilities in Anoka, Arlington, Brownton, Buffalo, Chaska, East Grand Forks, Le Sueur, North St. Paul, Olivia, Shakopee, and Winthrop. The program was designed by Avant Energy, also the designer of MMPA’s Faribault Energy Park electric generation facility that celebrated its grand opening in 2007.

The location for the turbine in each community is determined by local permitting authorities.

Program Benefits

“Wind power is most efficient when it can be used at the point of generation, rather than being transmitted many miles away,” said Avant Energy president Derick Dahlen. “Hometown Wind Power will put power generation right into the community where it will be used, and it will happen using a clean, endlessly renewable source of power.”

Dave Pokorney, chairman of MMPA and former Chaska city administrator, said every city in the MMPA system can be proud of hosting a turbine.

“All the benefits stay local,” Pokorney said.  “Each city gets locally-generated power that is carbon-free, renewable and environmentally responsible.”

Vision for the Future

Pokorney said the Hometown Wind Power turbines will contribute to MMPA’s requirement under Minnesota law to achieve a goal of 25% of its power used to be from renewable resources by 2025.  He said MMPA currently purchases wind and hydro power from outside sources, along with generating electricity from its owned facilities, including Faribault Energy Park.

Dahlen pointed out that in this age of environmental awareness, this program is an opportunity for MMPA member communities to become a part of the solution to energy needs in the state with a renewable source that helps avoid the need for building undesirable coal-fired plants.

About MMPA

MMPA is committed to providing its 11 member communities with competitively priced, reliable, and sustainable energy. Avant Energy serves as MMPA’s energy management company, including developing generation facilities, as well as buying and selling energy for MMPA. For more information, please visit the MMPA website.

You may also visit the MMPA website to determine how much energy the North St. Paul hometown turbine is producing.

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