Public Works Department

North St. Paul Public Works is responsible for developing and maintaining many of the City's publicly-owned physical assets, including streets and infrastructure and the parks system, as well as providing specialized services, such as management of the City's urban forests. Public Works functional areas are: Streets, Parks, Utilities (Water, Wastewater, and Storm Water), and Forestry. All City staff are professionally trained and licensed to provide efficient and cost-effective services to the community.

Public Works By the Numbers

Here is a little fun with facts and figures from Public Works 

43 miles

 of City streets

61 miles

 of water main

700 tons

of salt and sand

514 tons

 of asphalt to fix spring potholes

322 million gallons

 of water sold


00 trees


120 new trees


817.10 tons

of items recycled by residents

Emergencies & Concerns

If you have a water, sewer or electric emergency or concern, please contact the City of North St. Paul at 651-747-2417 at any time of day.