Benefits of Trees

Trees provide many benefits to communities. Some of those benefits include:

  • Reduce air temperature 10 degrees or more
  • Lower heating costs: Windbreak reduces infiltration with an average of 10 - 12% savings per year
  • Lower cooling costs: 3 trees strategically placed (west and east sides), 34% savings per year, just 1 tree equals 100 kwh of electricity saved per year
  • Intercept rainfall:  2-7% reduction in storm water runoff, a tree crown stores 50-100 gallons of water
  • Increase economic activity when located in area of commerce, such as a downtown
  • Increase property value: homebuyers pay on average 3-7% more for properties with trees, one large tree in front can add 1%
  • Store carbon dioxide: 1 tree removes 200 pounds annually
  • Provide human enjoyment and make neighborhoods more inviting

Online Tree Inventory

Are you interested in knowing what trees are on the boulevard in front of your house or in the park near you? Visit the City’s Forestry website and type in your address. Learn what the name of the tree is, an assessment of its health and other information on the TreeKeeper System.

A list of approved trees to plant on your property is also available on the University of Minnesota Extension Service.