Core Values

Establishing Our Core Values
"Extraordinary." That is more than just a slogan for us each day. City employees strive to make the City of North St. Paul an extraordinary place for residents to live, businesses to thrive, and employees to work. To further emulate our slogan, we recently adopted core values that were developed by City staff through a series of retreats.

Our Core Values represent our fundamental beliefs. They shape our culture and define the character of our organization. They guide our actions and define our commitment to each other and the North St. Paul community we serve. We shall endlessly strive to support, encourage and celebrate each other in the pursuit of these ideals.
Attack Each Day With Positive Energy logo
1. Attack Each Day With Positive Energy
  • Bring our best, always
  • See opportunity in each new day
  • Keep things fresh and new
  • Create a fun environment
  • Work hard, laugh harder, and be resilient
Own Our Actions logo
2. Own Our Actions
  • Be present and participate actively
  • Make decisions confidently
  • Persevere through challenges
  • Embrace our differences and strengthen our similarities
  • Follow through on what we say
Involve Others logo
3. Involve Others
  • Explore opportunities to do things in new ways
  • Encourage cross-department discussion
  • Use our individual talents to problem solve
  • Ask for different ideas and opinions
  • Initiate innovation through collaboration
Go the Extra Mile logo
4. Go the Extra Mile
  • Do more than expected
  • Work to make each day better
  • Make a positive lasting impact
  • Inspire others by being an example
  • Contribute something valuable
Strive to Evolve logo
5. Strive to Evolve
  • Find comfort outside the box
  • Pursue continual personal and professional growth
  • Learn from teachable moments
  • Allow time to think
  • Engage our professional and peer networks
  • Drive the bus once in a while
Celebrate Success logo
6. Celebrate Success
  • Share our individual and group accomplishments
  • Say thank you
  • Appreciate our successes
  • Cheer each other on
  • Be spontaneous and give heartfelt appreciation
  • Take satisfaction in our work
Connect with Meaning logo

7. Connect With Meaning

  • Make personal commitments to ourselves and each other
  • Be true and authentic when communicating
  • Embrace critical conversations even if we disagree
  • Earn and cherish trust
  • Stand up for ourselves, each other, and the team