Message From the Chief

Dear Citizens,
I would like take this opportunity to formally introduce you to the North St. Paul Police Department. As an agency, we are excited to introduce our renewed plans on Community Policing (CP). Our CP is intended to be an interactive process between the department, our officers, the community, residents, businesses and visitors. We plan to work together to collaboratively develop ways to identify community problems and concerns, and to determine proper responses to problems utilizing a wide range of methods and resources available from the department, other governmental entities, and the community itself by assigning our officers in their "community areas." Our overall goal is to create a cooperative relationship between the police and residents to identify problems that impact the quality of life, to devise strategies to address problems, and to work together to resolve them or identify acceptable solutions.

The Community Policing Partnership Map (PDF) is broken down into 16 areas along with the name and contact information for the Officers assigned to the area. We believe this will aid in the communication process, enhancing the free-flow of information and communication between the citizens, officers and Department.

The map will also allow us to come together and expand our Neighborhood Watch Program. Neighborhood Watch is based on the concept of getting to know one’s neighbors and better define neighborhoods. This helps with the sharing of information and becoming better equipped to look for signs of suspicious activity. Last year we had new groups form within the City and great meetings were held with these active community members and our officers. If you would like more information on how to form a Neighborhood Watch Group, please call 651-747-2406.

Chief Tom Lauth