Crime Tip Line

Emergencies & In-Progress Crimes
The Anonymous Tip Line is not for emergencies or for reporting criminal or suspicious activity in progress. If you have an emergency or the criminal or suspicious activity is occurring now, dial 911 immediately for police assistance.

Online Tips

Submit an online Anonymous Crime Tip through the Police Department.

Purpose of the Tip Line
The North St. Paul Police Department's mission is to protect and serve the people of our community and we highly depend on your assistance to prevent crime and locate problems, violations, and wanted criminals. One way we can best accomplish our goals is by maintaining an Anonymous Tip Line for individuals to call and relay valuable information in an anonymous manner. The Police Department's goal in providing this service is to obtain information on criminal or suspicious activity that may otherwise go unreported by individuals who may be reluctant to get involved. Nothing is too small to report. You can, and you should, share anything and everything.

Telephone Calls

Telephone calls received on the Anonymous Tip Line are recorded on an answering machine located in the Police Department's supervisor's office. The Police Department's supervisor's check the received messages on a regular basis and distribute the information received according to established procedures. In all cases, the information received will be thoroughly evaluated and disseminated accordingly.

Call Making Tips

When calling the Tip Line, please be as descriptive as possible by describing the incident or reason for the call along with names, descriptions, addresses, license plate numbers, and/or anything else that may assist in our investigation. No one will contact you or know who you are unless you want us to. Callers are encouraged, however, to leave their name and phone number to assist with follow-up if necessary while maintaining anonymity. Take the first step by calling the Anonymous Tip Line. Assist us in making North St. Paul a safe place to live while improving your quality of life.


As with any Police Department, there are criminal penalties for falsely reporting a crime or using the telephone in a harassing manner. Please contact the Anonymous Tip Line with what is perceived as appropriate and factual information only. The North St. Paul Police Department thanks you for your cooperation.