Police Reserve Unit

Lauren Pack

Pack Named 2016 Reserve Officer of the Year

Congratulations to Reserve Officer Lauren Pack who was named 2016 Reserve Officer of the Year for her service to North St. Paul; contributing 414 volunteer hours.

Seventeen police reserve officers in North St. Paul volunteered a total of 3,120 hours in 2016. Their presence equates to having two extra full-time officers on the street; increasing visibility in North St. Paul.   
During the course of a shift, Pack and fellow reserves patrol streets and parks, provide assistance to motorists, perform business checks, transport and assist police officers in any way that is needed. Reserves also play an important role volunteering at community events.


Current Members

The members of the Reserve Unit are also college students, members, and former members of the U.S. Military, business people, and individuals who want to give back to their community.

Future Employment

Many prior members of the North St. Paul Reserve program have moved on to serve as full-time Police Officers in other departments.


Each member of the Reserve Unit receives training in defensive tactics, aerosol spray, impact weapons, radio use, patrol tactics, and traffic direction. Reserve Officers who satisfactorily complete the required training are entrusted with a marked patrol vehicle to assist licensed Police Officers in conducting their day to day duties.


The Reserve Unit is over seen by licensed Police Officer’s and utilizes Reserve Sergeants to supervise the unit’s members. Reserves must volunteer a minimum of 16 hours per month.