Student Built

A Special Partnership
The City of North St. Paul and the Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Center have partnered to help build and remodel homes since 2009. This is an opportunity to improve the City's housing while giving high school students the opportunity to explore career paths in the construction and building trades. Students work side-by-side with instructors and contractor preparing them for the working world.

Since 2008, students in the program have built 8 homes and 3 park shelters, as well as an extensive remodel. The City of North St. Paul Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) approved the plans for remodeling the existing home located at 2001/2003 6th Street in North St. Paul. The former duplex was converted into a single family home. Students in the 2014/2015 Metro 916 Construction Occupation Careers Program recently completed the renovations this past year. The City divided off the northern-most end of the property and will construct a new home on it in the future. 

For More Information
Metro 916 is 1 of 3 intermediate school districts in the metropolitan area of St. Paul and Minneapolis which includes 11 K-12 member districts. They also provide programs and services to other schools generally in the east metropolitan area.  North St. Paul December 2011 Video Notes.

Students have the opportunity to enroll in the 916 Career and Technical Center programs through their high school counselors. For more information about the Northeast Metro 916 Construction Occupation Careers Program contact Tom Spehr at 651-415-5567 or email.
2335 14th Avenue
2001 6th Street
2505 14th Avenue
2341 14th Avenue
2768 Helen Street
2370 15th Avenue
2297 Holloway Avenue
2536 19th Avenue