Bulk Pick Up Collection Service

Bulk disposal service is provided by the City of North St. Paul. This service is available on a cost-per-item basis. All bulk pick up collections must be scheduled at least two days prior to your regularly scheduled pick up day.

Bulk Pick Up Disposal is available for several items including:

  • Appliances
  • Construction waste
  • Furniture
  • Grills
  • Mattresses
  • Exercise equipment
  • Swing sets
  • Windows
  • and more

If you have an item to dispose of, please refer to the Bulk Item Disposal Fee listing for pay-per-item pricing. This price list does not include the Solid Waste Management and County Environmental Charge. These charges will be added to your bulk item pick up fee. Please contact the City to schedule a pick-up. Bulk Disposal costs will be applied directly to your utility bill.

Please note: There are additional charges for the following:

  • Solid Waste Management Tax (SWM): 9.75%
  • County Environmental Charge (CEC): 28%

Customer Service

The City of North St. Paul handles all customer service needs, and billing. Questions? Contact the City at 651-747-2416 or email at: garbageservice@northstpaul.org.