Subscribe to PEG Service

Free Service

Subscribe to Universal PEG Service for free! For more information, please call 651-747-3801. If you're not currently subscribing to cable, but you would like to view:

  • Local community events
  • Governmental meetings
  • School district information
  • Local and regional cable programming

Free Access

You will receive free of charge:

  • Channel 14: SCC-Religious Access
  • Channel 15: SCC-Public Access
  • Channel 16: GTN-Government Access
  • Channel 18: RWTV-Local/Regional Programming Channel 19: On Location TV 19-Local Programming
  • Channel 20: Education Access


Universal PEG Service is installed free of charge (one outlet, standard install of 200 feet or less). An installation charge may be assessed if your installation requires more than this basic installation. Also, there is no ongoing monthly fee if you have a cable-ready television. An A/B switch is also provided at no charge so you can switch to your TV's over-the-air broadcast channels. Residents in Ramsey and Washington Cable areas are eligible. Universal PEG Service offerings may change from time to time.