Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary Sewer Problems or Concerns

If you experience any problems with your sanitary sewer, please call the City at (651) 747-2417 before hiring a private sewer repair company.

The City will arrange to look at the sanitary sewer in the street and determine the location of the obstruction in the sanitary sewer. If the problem is in our system, we will correct it and restore the proper operation of the sanitary sewer.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Program

About the Program
The City of North St. Paul offers a sanitary sewer-cleaning program that includes cleaning the sanitary sewers on a 3-year revolving schedule. 

A sanitary sewer jet-cleaning machine uses high-pressure water to clean the sanitary sewer. This high water pressure may affect your home's sanitary sewer plumbing. You may experience gurgling or bubbling water in the toilet bowl, or you may smell sewer gas from your basement floor drains. If this occurs, flush your toilet, close your toilet lid, and pour water into your floor drains. This does not damage your sewer system. The water that comes out is the water that is normally in the home's system (drain traps), not the water from the sanitary sewer in the street.  If your home is not properly plumbed you may experience more splashing from your toilet bowl or a greater smell from your floor drains.