Our Water

North Water Tower

Northwood Water Tower
Water and Sewer services are provided to roughly 4,579 customers for all of the City and parts of Maplewood. Water utilities were purchased from private investors in 1898. A single well and a small electric generator located on the south shore of Silver Lake served as a beginning for what today is a proud tradition of citizen owned and operated municipal utilities.
Public Works staff operates and maintains 5 wells that pump in excess of 450 million gallons of water annually. The water is tested by 3 separate groups: the Minnesota Department of Health, independent laboratories, and water utility employees. 

Water Testing

The Public Works Department publishes and distributes an annual Drinking Water Report. 
The City has released the 2020 Drinking Water Report for the year ending December 31, 2019. The purpose of the report is to advance consumers understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect our water resources. The Safe Drinking Water Act contains provisions for involvement and right-to-know that are designed to inform you of where your drinking water comes from and what is in it. 

Water System Information

⦁ North St. Paul water quality requires little treatment.
⦁ Raw water is pumped from the aquifer treated with fluoride & distributed

Water Tower Capacities

⦁ North: 300,000 gallons
⦁ South: 500,000 gallons
⦁ Deepest well: 531 feet

Storm Water By the Numbers

⦁ Maintain 38.25 miles of piping
⦁ Inspect & protect 11 ponds & lakes
⦁ Perform annual inspections
⦁ Routine maintenance & repairs
⦁ Compliance with the State MS4 permitting program

Water By the Numbers

⦁ Total miles of water main: 61.13 Miles
⦁ Less than 50 years old: 19.75 Miles
⦁ More than 50 years old: 41.38 Miles
⦁ Gallons pumped (2015): 370,422,700 million gallons
⦁ Gallons sold (2015): 360,211,687 million gallons
⦁ 642 hydrants maintained by Public Works
⦁ Cost of 1 Hydrant: $2,500