Preserving North St. Paul Home / Business Improvement Award

Laura Heisch

Laura Heisch - 2702 16th Avenue

Patricia and Brenton Fyksen

Patricia and Brenton Fyksen - 2265 15th Avenue

Sajuaita and Arcenio Garza

Sajuaita and Arcenio Garza - 2276 16th Avenue

Louis Rice

Louis Rice - 2667 Henry Street

Chris & Lauren Walker

Chris and Lauren Walker - 2644 8th Avenue

Susanna Gorodisher & Anne McComb


Preserving North St. Paul

The Home Improvement Award was established in 2013 by the North St. Paul Design Review Commission to recognize homeowners for projects that highlight the value of exterior improvements, renovations or continued maintenance. Nominations are being accepted through October 20. Please complete the nomination form below. Winners will be notified in late October. Nominate your neighbors and help them celebrate their work in keeping North St. Paul neighborhoods extraordinary. Online Nomination Form.

Congratulations to the following award recipients:



In 2017 The North St. Paul Design Review Commission awarded Property Improvement Awards to very deserving owners representing the best of both commercial and residential work in the City. Congratulations to:

  • Anne McComb & Mark Kotz of 2813 Division Street for improvements made to the exterior of their home and detached garage.
  • Susanna and Ilya Gorodisher owners of LUV Ice Cream and Chocolates at 2587 7th Avenue for improvements made to façade, landscaping, outdoor seating and restoring the original outdoor sign.


  • Laura Heisch, 2702 16th Avenue - Laura improved the exterior of her home by adding a 26'x24' garage and enlarging her front porch. 


  • Patricia and Brenton Fyksen, 2265 15th Avenue - In 2013 the Fyksens completed an addition over an existing flat roof and tied that in to their home. The following year, they removed an old detached garage and driveway and built an attached garage and living space above, new roof and new stucco.
  • Sajuaita and Arcenio Garza, 2276 16th Avenue - The Garzas completed an extensive renovation. Arcenio recently added new siding, soffit and fascia, roof and gutters, a four-season porch as well as new driveway and sidewalk.


  • Louis Rice, 2667 Henry Street - Exterior was completely remodeled, a major transformation including detached garage. 
  • James Schroeder, 2731 10th Avenue - A house that has been a work in progress for many years.
  • Chris and Lauren Walker, 2644 8th Avenue - A dilapidated building has been transformed into a home to be proud of and back to the way it must have looked like when it was originally constructed in the 1880s.