Southwood Nature Preserve

About the Preserve

In the southeast corner of North St. Paul, along Holloway Avenue, are 28 acres with paths to explore various ecosystems.

Wood chipped trails lead you through the various ecosystems of emergent shoreline, wet meadow, mesic prairie, savanna, upland prairie, oak forest, basswood forest and a cottonwood/silver maple flood plain. The trails are an easy half mile stroll around the pond with additional short trails to explore.

Observe wildlife in their native habitat. See warblers that use the preserve to rest and refuel for their migration to northern nesting grounds. Check out the various rocks - glacial erratics that were left when the glaciers receded.

Work continues in the preserve as volunteers restore the area to North St. Paul’s pre-settlement habitat (Oak Savanna) that included oak trees, native grasses and wildflowers. View 2019 Southwood Nature Preserve Year End Report

For more information about the preserve or volunteer opportunities, contact Master Naturalist Cathy Troendle or 612-236-5046.
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Southwood Nature Preserve - Courtesy of Dave K. Nelson
The UofM Raptor Center Visits Preserve on Prairie Days 2016
A Day at the Preserve
Maplewood Middle School Field Day
Volunteers Remove Buckthorn