Firefighter Relief Association

The North St. Paul Firefighter Relief Association is a nonprofit corporation that exists to provide a retirement incentive for North St. Paul Paid-On-Call firefighters. Relief Associations are considered governmental entities. Therefore, they have similar rights, duties and responsibilities as other governmental entities, such as a city. As a governmental entity, the Relief Association manages the retirement money for the firefighter to ensure t benefits. The Fire Relief Association allows the City to recruit and retain well-trained, experienced people to provide fire suppression services to our community.

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Membership in the Firefighter Relief Association is voluntary. But if firefighters do not join, they will not receive a retirement benefit from the Relief Association. To join complete an application (available from the Association's Secretary) and submit it to the Board of Trustees. Once a firefighter joins the Association, they will remain a member unless they are suspended from the Fire Department or the Association.

Who Runs the Relief Association?

A Board of Trustees administers the Relief Association. There are nine Trustees. Six of the Trustees are elected from the membership at large of the Relief Association. One of the six elected members of the Board of Trustees may be a retired member, receiving a monthly service pension. Three of the Trustees serve on the board as required by law. One is the Fire Chief and the others are municipal officials representing North St. Paul. Each elected Trustee serves a term of three years. Two Trustees are elected at every annual meeting.

Is the Relief Association Part of the City?

No. The Relief Association is a separate nonprofit corporation. The City of North St. Paul provides funding to the plan as its  "plan sponsor."  Therefore, public officials sit on the board of Trustees. The public has an interest in seeing the retirement benefit offered to firefighters is good enough to retain trained, experienced people.

Is the Relief Association Part of the Fire Department?

No. The Relief Association is a separate legal entity from the Fire Department. Its purpose is to provide benefits to Fire Department members. The Relief Association is governed by the Bylaws and Policies voted on by its members. The North St. Paul Fire Department’s policies and procedures are determined by its own methods. The Fire Chief sits on the Board of Trustees.