2020 Street & Utility Improvement Project

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Utility Improvements Planned
The 2014-2020 Capital Improvement Plan for the City of North St. Paul, adopted by the
City Council on July 16, 2013, includes an identified project area for street and utility
capital improvements. On June 18, 2019, the North St. Paul City Council authorized a Feasibility Study of potential areas for street and utility improvements during the 2020 construction season. Letter Notifying Residents.

At the January 21, 2020 City Council meeting, City Council approved a resolution ordering the improvements, approving plans and specifications and ordering the Advertisement for Bids for the 2020 Street and Utility Improvement Project located 7th Avenue East from 3rd Street to 1st Street, on 2nd Street, south of 7th Avenue, and 1st Street from 7th Avenue south to 2nd Avenue.

The Project improvement will include street reconstruction, concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks, medians, sanitary sewer rehabilitation, water main replacement, storm sewer improvements, street lighting, and landscaping. Important FAQs.

The anticipated total project cost is estimated to be $5,623,136.40. The proposed project is anticipated to be funded by Municipal State Aid, and City Street and Utility Funds. There are no proposed assessments. Construction is anticipated to start in May 2020, with substantial completion in June of 2021. The project was awarded to T.A. Schifsky & Sons Inc.

Before street construction starts, utilities including Xcel Energy, North St. Paul Electric, and others will be out in the neighborhood performing work on their utilities. This excavation or boring work will begin on March 23. This work is not managed by the City. If you have questions about this work please contact utility representatives  Xcel Energy, Dan Strandquist at 651-779-3132.