Information for Residents

Property owners doing work on their own property may apply for building permits without the need for a contractor’s license unless the project involves gas lines. Any work with gas lines requires a City of North St. Paul Mechanical license and certificate of insurance.

Do I Need a Permit?

Most home building and remodeling projects require a permit through the City before starting construction; some projects are exempt including:

  • Replacing a faucet, sink or toilet
  • Retaining walls less than four feet in height
  • Painting, flooring, cabinets, countertops or similar work
  • Swings and/or playground equipment

Questions on permits? Contact City Hall. We’re here to help.

Does Your home building or remodeling project require a permit? 

Most remodeling/building projects such as building a deck, new home, basement finish/remodel and other common home improvement projects require a building permit and sometimes a zoning permit which must also be submitted to the City for a plan review. All permitted projects must be inspected when completed.

Projects requiring a permit include: 

  • All accessory buildings or shed projects require a zoning permit. Buildings or sheds larger than 200 square feet also require a building permit. 
  • All deck projects require a zoning permit. Decks higher than 30 inches above grade or attached to the home also require a building permit. 
  • Gas or wood fireplace (mechanical permit) 
  • All fence projects require a fencing
  • Replacement water heaters, furnaces, and AC (mechanical permit) 
  • Replacing windows, siding and roofing (building permit) 
  • Driveways, new or expanded (zoning permit) 
  • Any interior remodels that involve demolishing, opening up walls, or moving or building walls (building permit) 
  • Insulation (building permit) 
  • Swimming pools that are in-ground (building permit and zoning permit for fencing) 

Permit application process

To obtain a permit, you must submit a permit application. Please allow 10 business days if a City plan review is needed

  • Once your permit is approved, construction must be underway within 180 days or a new permit will be required.
  • Upon finishing the work, please make sure to contact the City so an inspection can be conducted.
  • A minimum notice of 24 hours is required for all inspections.