Driveway Project Information

Driveway Definition

A permanent, durable surface designed to provide vehicular access from a street to a lot or to provide vehicular access between different parts of a lot or parking area. A drive that is internal to a parking area is not the same as an aisle. Section 154.003

Construction and Maintenance 

  • Surfacing. Parking areas, driveways, and parking lots shall be surfaced with an all-weather dustless material consisting of bituminous, brick, concrete pavers or concrete or an alternative material as approved by the Zoning Administrator.
  • Maintenance. The operator of the principal building or use shall maintain parking and loading areas, and access drives in a neat and adequate manner.drivewaydiagram
  • Grades. The grade of a private roadway driveways and parking lots shall not exceed ten percent (10%) or a grade acceptable to the City Engineer.

Off-street Parking Standards for Residential Districts

  • Truck or bus parking in Residential Districts. Off-street parking of commercially licensed trucks, trailers or buses with a gross weight of over six tons shall be prohibited, except for deliveries or unloading. Trucks, trailers or busses of less than six tons gross weight shall not be stored in the front yard.
  • Vehicle Storage. All vehicles personal, recreational, or commercial shall be stored or parked on a driveway surface.
  • Setbacks. New driveways and off-street parking shall be set back a minimum of three (3) feet from side property lines.
  •  Location of parking. Required off-street parking spaces shall be provided on the same lot.
  •  Driveways, Authorized Parking Areas, and Authorized Garages.
  • Driveways must lead to and abut a vehicle access door having a width of at least eight (8) feet. Driveways must not exceed twenty two (22) foot maximum width at property line.
  • Existing driveways which do not lead to an authorized parking area or authorized garage must be removed and landscaped.
  • Existing driveways which provide access to authorized parking area or garage shall be improved/surfaced according to this Section; however, if the driveway leads to an unpaved street or alley, a waiver to the surface requirement will be considered by the City upon receipt of a written request explaining the reason and justification for this request.
  • Required number of off-street parking spaces. The minimum required number of off-street parking spaces are located in Table 8 of the Zoning Code. Section 154.010 (J) Off Street Parking & Loading

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