Energy Saving Programs

Appliance Electricity Use

Is your freezer costing you more than it’s worth? Check out an appliance meter from the City of North St. Paul. The Kill-a-Watt EZ Meter monitors the amount of electricity an individual appliance uses and calculates how much it costs you to operate it for a day, a week or a year.

The meter is easy to use, connect and read. You can check out a monitor for 2-weeks to see measure your appliance efficiency. A $35 deposit is required. Call 651-747-2413 to reserve your monitor.

Clean Energy Choice

The City of North St. Paul offers an affordable, low-cost way for our commercial and residential customers to support renewable energy through Clean Energy Choice. North St. Paul Electric Utility customers may opt to receive 50%, 75% or 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. This is in addition to the 20% renewable energy provided to all Minnesota Municipal Power Agency customers as required by Minnesota Law.

Clean Energy Choice Program Benefits

  • Inexpensive—For only an extra $3 a month, 100% of your electricity can be sourced from renewable energy. Alternatively, for an extra $1 a month, 50% of your electricity can be sourced from renewable energy, or for an extra $2 a month, 75% of your electricity can be sourced from renewable energy. 
  • Monthly fixed cost and not dependent on energy use
  • Easy online sign up
  • Monthly subscription you can cancel at any time.
  • Questions? Contact the City of North St. Paul at 651-747-2428.

Energy Smart

Energy Smart is a Minnesota Chamber of Commerce program that helps local businesses save money through energy efficiency programs and rebates.

All Energy Smart services are available at no cost to businesses in Minnesota. Services include:

  • Site visits to identify energy saving opportunities
  • Phone consultations
  • Financial incentive and utility program information
  • Energy Star building bench marking assistance

To find out more about this program visit Energy Smart Minnesota at

Water Rebates

The Metropolitan Council, through the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment, awarded North St. Paul a water efficiency grant to improve municipal water use.

This grant funding allows North St. Paul to provide a Water Efficiency Rebate to current owner-occupied residential water customers who purchase qualified water efficient toilets through June 30, 2022, or until funds are depleted.

  • The City will rebate 90% of the cost of a toilet and any contractor installation fees.
  • The rebate amount including contractor installation fees cannot exceed $250

To be eligible for the rebate, the product must be purchased and installed after February 1,  2020. The tank and bowl must have the US EPA WaterSense label. Confirm specifications here (

Information on the Rebate Program

  • All current owner occupied City of North St. Paul residential water customers with their account in good standing are eligible for the rebate. Rebates are issued first come first serve. New construction and new development are not eligible at this time.
  • Each account is limited to one rebate. 
  • The City will rebate 90% of the cost of the toilet and any contractorinstallation fees up to $250. For example, if you purchase a toilet for $200 your rebate is limited to $180.
  • At this time multi-unit rental complexes do not qualify for the Water Efficiency Rebate, as funds are limited.
  • Only City of North St. Paul Water Customers are eligible for the Water Efficiency Rebate.
  • To be eligible for the rebate the product must be purchased and installed after February 1, 2020.
  • You must include a copy of the original purchase receiptand invoice for installation (if applicable) with the completed application. The receipt mustclearly identify the make, model and date of purchase. If the resident directly purchases the toilet themselves andthe receipt does not contain the make and model, city staff will need to be able to verify the SKU provided onreceipt to the retailers website to ensure it is a qualifying appliance. The toilet tank and bowl must have the USEPA WaterSense label.
  • Please refer to the WaterEfficiency Rebate Overview  for all eligible Water EfficiencyProducts. If you don’t have Internet access the City will also have available a listing of all eligible products at CityHall (2400 Margaret St. N)
  • The applicant is responsible for securing any permits necessary for the work, if required.
  • Water Efficiency Rebates will be in the form of utility bill credits. Norebate checks will be issued.

How to Apply


Contact Utility Billing Coordinator Barb Huelsman by email or at 651-747-2428