Chickens and Bees

Keeping of Chickens and Bees

Requirements relating to the keeping of chickens and bees is located in North St. Paul City Code Chapter 95.23. All registrants are required to be familiar with the provisions of this chapter. In submitting a license application, the applicant declares that they meet the requirements for proper registration and operate in compliance with the adopted regulations and ordinance. This is a one-time registration. There is no fee.

Key points for the Keeping of Chickens:

  • Up to 6 hens are permitted, no roosters
  • The coop and run must be 15 feet from any property line
  • The coop must provide at least 4 sq. ft. of floor space per hen
  • Hens must be contained within coop or run when unattended. Hens are only allowed out of the coop or run when attended AND if yard is completely fenced in with at least a 4 ft. fence and has been indicated on registration.
  •  Chickens Registration Form (PDF)

Key points for the Keeping of Bees

  • Registration is reviewed for compliance, and an inspection of property, hive(s), and water source will be completed to verify compliance with the ordinance and submitted site plan.
  • Bee colonies can be moved onto the property
  • Up to 4 colonies allowed
  • Hives must be located at least 15 feet away from all property lines
  • A flyaway barrier is required for any hives located within 20 feet of a property line
  • Front entrance of hives must face into the registrant’s property
  • Bees Registration Form (PDF)