Property Taxes

Property Tax Relief

  • There are two property tax relief programs aimed at homeowners offered by the State of Minnesota:
    • Homeowner’s Homestead Credit Refund Program “Circuit Breaker”: Eligibility is determined by comparing a homeowner’s property taxes to household income. The program works by refunding a portion of the property taxes that exceed a certain percentage of household income (the threshold percentage).
    • Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program: The Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program allows qualifying homeowners over age 65 to defer a portion of their property taxes into the future. The goal of the program is to assist older homeowners whose property taxes are high relative to their incomes to stay in their homes.
  • Renter’s Property Tax Refund: As a renter, you may qualify for the Renter’s Property Tax Refund. The refund is based on your household income, number of dependents, and how much property tax was paid through rent on your principal residence.

Property Market Values

  • Ramsey County property value appeal process: The Ramsey County Assessor’s office can provide information on how your property value was established and the appeal process. Visit their website or call their office at 651-266-2131.
  • Ramsey County property tax rates and calculator: This page on Ramsey County’s website contains comparisons of tax rates and taxable net capacity values (by entity), and proposed tax rates for the current year. Also within this webpage is an online tool that calculates the estimated property tax on most property types.