Park Rental Fees

Casey Lake Park Building Rental Fees

Weekend Reservations (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

  • $200 Residents
  • $300 Non-Residents

Weekday Reservations (Monday-Thursday)

  • $125 Residents
  • $175 Non-Residents

Weekday Meeting Rentals (non-profit group meetings, not special events or parties)

  • $25 per hour North St. Paul Non-Profit Organization
  • $40 per hour Non-Resident Non-Profit Organizations

Weddings (Saturday/Sunday)

  • $400 Residents
  • $500 Non-Residents

Hause Park Building Rental Fees

Rental of the enclosed Hause Park Building includes the open-air shelter

Full Day Rental

  • $100 Residents
  • $150 Non-Residents

Open Air Shelter Rental Fees

Open Air shelters are available at Northwood Park, Silver Lake Park and Colby Hills Park

Full Day Rental

  • $45 Resident
  • $55 Non-Resident

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Fees and rental specifications are periodically reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Commission and staff to ensure the policy/pricing is adequately meeting the needs of the community and the City.