Rental Unit Inspection Checklist

City of North St. Paul Rental Unit Inspection Checklist

Here is a summary of the items the City of North St. Paul will be checking during the rental housing inspection. Please review your rental units prior to the inspection. Taking time to review your unites can potentially save you from costly re-inspections. This list represents some of the most common violations found during the rental housing inspection.


Smoke Alarms/Caron Monoxide (CO) Detectors

  • Are working smoke alarms installed in each bedroom, in the bedroom hallway and each level of the house?
  • Are working CO detectors installed within 10 ft or inside of each bedroom?

Electrical Issues'

  • Are all outlets/switch plate covers present, secured and is all wiring concealed?
  • Are junction boxes properly covered and secured?
  • Ensure extension cords and multi-plug adapters are not being used. Only power strips with over current protection shall be used.

Ceilings & Walls

  • Is the ceiling free of water damage, cracks or peeling?
  • Are walls free of holes, water damage, and chipping/peeling paint?


  • Are floors free of holes, cracks, tears and trip hazards?
  • Does the kitchen and bathroom(s) have water tight surfaces?


  • Do all windows and doors open, close, latch/secure freely?
  • No broken glass or holes in screens
  • No double keyed deadbolts

Kitchen-Food Storage/Preparation

  • Are all cabinet doors/drawers/ hardware in good condition?
  • Is the kitchen sanitary
  • Are countertops free from cracks, tears or holes?

Sink/ Wash Basin & Plumbing

  • Do sinks and wash basis have cleanable, water tight surfaces free of chips/cracks?
  • Are all plumbing fixtures operating properly?


  • Are all surfaces water tight?
  • Does the toilet flush and is it properly secured to the floor?


  • Are bath fans in place and operable if a bath window is not present?
  • Does the kitchen ventilation work—mechanical fans or windows open properly?


  • Does the bedroom have two separate exits? One must be an approved egress window or door leading to the outside?
  • Does the room have lighting capabilities via a light switch?


  • Has a heat test been performed?
  • Do the units work properly and provide adequate heat to the unit?

Water Heater

  • Is the water heater free from leaks and rust?
  • Is a metal or approved relief valve pipe in place?
  • Is it vented properly?

Combustible Storage

  • Are all combustible materials stored properly?

Exterior and Miscellaneous Items


  • Is the building address visible from the street with numbers at least 4 inches high?

Building Exterior/Yard Maintenance

  • All exterior surfaces shall be in good repair: No chipping/peeling paint, unprotected wood surfaces, no missing shingles
  • Is the yard properly maintained and fee from junk/garbage/debris?
  • Are all vehicles parked on an approved driveway surface? Are they operable and licenses?

Garbage & Recycling

  • Must provide adequate containers for garbage and recycling
  • Are containers stored in an approved location?