• Officers walking in single file line
  • Officers lined up
  • Officers continuing to walk wreath into ceremony
  • Officer standing in front of statue at attention
  • Officer standing in front of fountain
  • Officer hanging up wreath on display
  • Man saluting toward the bell
  • Male officer touching the bell
  • Male officer saluting toward the bell
  • In memory of our Minnesota fallen peace officers
  • Handing off rifle between two officers
  • Female officer touching the bell
  • Crittenden memorial statue
  • Close up of police car saying the thin blue line
  • Close up of officer standing at attention
  • Bell at ceremony
  • Adding carnations to wreath
  • 2 female officers standing in front of statue
  • Woman officer saluting bell
  • Woman adding carnation to wreath
  • Statue with wreath with verse from Matthew on it
  • Saluting the flag
  • Salute between 2 officers
  • Residents adding carnations to wreath
  • Police car with U.S. and PD flags on it
  • Passing the rifle at the ceremony
  • Officers walking wreath into ceremony

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